Thursday, May 3, 2007

Peter Pan in Goulburn

Ladies from LGDVC who attended the VIEW Conference in Goulburn with Zone Councillor, who was all dressed in green

Peter Pan (our infamous young Zone Councillor, Fiona Spottiswood) transformed the Centretown Motel into a magical “Neverland” for the annual VIEW Club Zone Conference. Pirate ships, treasure chests, gold, pirates, Tinkerbell fairies, children’s books and other children’s literary toys swamped the room to welcome members.
Scallywag VIEW members dressed as children’s literary characters answered Peter Pan’s call to “Come Fly With Me To Neverland”. Members flocked from Goulburn, Braidwood, Bungendore, Crookwell, Lake George and Queanbeyan to experience a world of “Literacy, Learning and Laughter” and share their Club adventures or tall tales. National Councillor Susan Groenhout outlined VIEW’s visions for the future. VIEW Club is a valued part of The Smith Family and in 2007 their five key focus areas include:
Sponsoring Learning For Life Students> Donating school stationery packs for children> Reading with children to advance literacy>Engaging with children after school at Homework and Computer Clubs> Providing books and toys for children at Christmas.
Peter Pan challenged VIEW friends to a game of dominoes. Scoundrels who played and didn’t learn about The Smith Family’s Learning For Life program during the game, had to walk Captain Hook’s perilous gang-plank ! To unlock opportunities for disadvantaged Australian children and families, The Smith Family also provides programs focusing on reading literacy, financial literacy, computer literacy, student mentoring, and targeted programs suitable for indigenous and migrant families. Our community is very fortunate to have The Smith Family’s Learning For Life Worker Robyn Seagar based at STEC, and she is responsible for approximately 250 Learning For Life Students in Goulburn and surrounding areas.Tinkerbell’s fairies dared Captain Hook’s pirates to a “duel of wits”, debating Resolution issues of national importance. Support was shown by VIEW members for Dr John Holts Radiowave Cancer Therapy to be recognised, introduced into mainstream medicine in Australia and to be covered by Medicare for anyone wishing this form of treatment. Other issues included non-cosmetic dental health care funded by Medicare for all Australians, and the negative impact of recent IR laws.

A fantastic escapade in Neverland was enjoyed by all. This was Zone Councillor Fiona’s last Zone Conference and many thanks, cheers and votes of appreciation were given by the members in Zone AA03, as they wished her success in her nomination as Area AA National Councillor… so this may not be the last of Peter Pan or Fiona’s exploits in VIEW-land!Peter Pan left on a high note citing “All you need is faith and trust … and a little bit of pixie dust” before wishing all a safe journey back to the “real world of grownups”!

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