Saturday, June 23, 2007

White Butterflies

Author of "White Butterflies" Colin McPhedran with ladies of the Lake George Day VIEW Club.

From left Kerry, Lynne, Lydia, Colin, Pauline, Fiona and Sue.

The luncheon was most enjoyable amid the wide expanse of the Goolabri Resort in the exquisite 'Homestead' with the roaring fire and exotic vegetation around the indoor pool.

Colin spoke from the heart and touched all those who attended this luncheon meeting.


Butterfly13 said...

I didn't get the photo dear Lydia, but the arvo was awesome! Not only because of the Speaker, but the Ladies are just gorgeous sparks of Humanity. I am ever so glad I have a chance to meet you all, thank you for inviting me. Ulpu :-)

LGDVC said...

dear Ulpu, I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. You are very welcome to join the club, officially that is and be a member. We would loorve to have you as a member. I will email the photo of you and Colin.