Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The synchronicity of the finding of the HMAS Sydney

photo 1 June McCluskey speaking at the LGDVC luncheon at Hunnyz in Bungendore

The March speaker is June McCluskey speaking about the HMAS Sydney which was found off the coast of Western Australia yesterday.
From today's Canberra Times:
Rest in peace: Sydney found 'This is a historic day for all Australians and it's a sad day for all Australians. Together they lie, in the blue silence of the Indian Ocean, and together they will remain, undisturbed, in dignity.Yesterday's confirmation of the final resting place of HMAS Sydney and its sailors ends one of Australia's most enduring wartime mysteries.The Finding Sydney Foundation said the ship lay at a depth of 2479m, about 195km west of Steep Point, WA, and 12 nautical miles south-east of the Kormoran. The Government has moved to protect the two wrecks under historic shipwrecks law to ensure they are not disturbed. Both will be classed as war graves. Yesterday's news heals the gaping hole left in the lives of hundreds of Australian families who have been left wondering how and why.For Latham resident June McCluskey, the discovery begins that healing process.Her cousin, Able Seamen Bill Menzies, was 22 years old when he died when the Sydney went down. Finally, she knows where his grave lies. "All those young men can rest in peace," she said yesterday.Neither vessel has yet been filmed, and sightings so far have only used sonar. The next step will be for a remote-controlled undersea vehicle to film the wreckage.Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson suggested yesterday that a memorial service should be conducted over Sydney's wreckage a proposal the Government is considering to mark the 67th anniversary later this year

photo 2 some of the crewmen of the HMAS Sydney


Anonymous said...

Just want to say thanks to lydia for the excellant write up on the monthly luncheon meeting in Bungendore. It was a most enjoyable day. Look forward to meeting up with everyone again on the 15th. Sue Maas

LGDVC said...

most kind of you Sue. If I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't do it!
See you soon