Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Futures Forum

On Saturday 10 October a group of 40 members of VIEW Clubs in AA area met at the scout camp at the Cotter. This was an initiative of our own Fiona Spottiswood area AA national councillor. Marie, Jean and Jenny the zone councillors were present representing their zones and leading the 'Futures' discussion, with Fiona presiding over the structure and presentation of the forum. Special speaker was Heather who came from Melbourne to help provide direction. Clubs present were Bungendore, Woden, Queanbeyan, Crookwell, Goulburn, Gunghalin, Weston, Belconnen, LGDVC was represented by Lydia.
Saturday marked a very special occassion as this was the planning of the direction that VIEW Clubs would be heading in the future. I will be posting this information for our members to acquaint themselves with shortly.
Not only was the weekend aimed at the direction of VIEW Clubs but also making craft items and preserves to sell. The raffle, a lovely hand made quilt was won by Lydia of LGDVC.
A most successful event was held and the findings will be taken to head office to help in bringing change and innovation to VIEW so that it will survive and indeed thrive in the twenty first century.

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