Monday, July 27, 2009

AUGUST Birthday

Lake George Day VIEW Club is celebrating its Fifth Birthday Tuesday August 18, 2009.
Our theme is "astronomy, take a walk on the wild side "
Come and enjoy a galactic event of cosmic proportions and learn about our expanded home environment while enjoying 'gastronomic' or is that 'astronomic' culinary delights comprising of a three course meal, including chocolate birthday mudcake all the way from planet Burra, the best chocolate mudcake making planet in the galaxy.
Our speaker is Guy Micklethwait Phd candidate from the ANU, who will present information on time travel. We will also experience a short musical interlude courtesy of Eric Idle and NASA.

To be part of the fun and join in the theme of 'time travel' you may like to dress as a time traveller. Dr Who, beware! Please park space ships and other time travel vessels in the designated area at the back of the Carrington Inn.
Come only if you are prepared to enjoy yourself and push the frontiers of your mind!

Cost is $25, 11.45 for a 12 noon start at The Carrington Inn Bungendore
VENUE SPACE IS LIMITED, SO BOOK EARLY to be assured of your place RSVP by Thursday August 13 2009.


Anonymous said...

This invite is so tempting.How can a person not come along? Great stuff. I wish Lake George great success in the upcoming 6th year and lots and lots of fun at your
5th Birthday.
With great regrets that I cannot be with you but I will be sailing The Rhine & The Danube Rivers so I think I am excused.

LGDVC said...

Pauline, I hope you are having a wonderful time. post some photos on Facebook so we can see where you are